Job description

Job Description

    Contract job Position

    Job Title:  Snowflake Consultant

    Work Location: Charlotte, NC


    Job Responsibilities:

    • At least 7 + yrs. of experience managing large projects with the below experiences 
    • Experience in working large teams in Onsite/Offshore model
    • Past experience in integrating Near Real Time (NRT) / streaming data payloads / feeds from Kafka / APIs into S3 and transforming them using Glue.
    • Past experience in ingesting and transforming file formats like JSON, Parquet including ELT, Data Quality Checks
    • Primary skillset in Snowflake, AWS Glue, S3, Kafka, Iceberg
    • Knowledge in Delta Lake, Data Lake House
    • Past experience and strong knowledge in enabling ACID compliance to S3 object layer through Iceberg or similar technology.
    • Strong knowledge of DW/BI concepts