Job description

Job Description

    Required Skills and Abilities:
    1.) Mandatory Skills - BigQuery ,Composer, Python, GCP Fundamentals.
    2.) Secondary Skills – Snowflake, DLP, Pub/Sub, Dataflow,Shell Scripting,SQL, Security(Platform & Data) concepts.
    3.) Knowledge of ETL Migration from On-Premises to GCP Cloud
    4.) SQL Performance Tuning
    5.) Batch/Streaming Data Processing
    6.) Fundamentals of Kafka, Pub/Sub to handle real-time data feeds.
    7.) Good To Have - Certifications in any of the following: GCP Professional Cloud Architect, GCP Professional Data
    8.) Engineer Ability to communicate with customers, developers, and other stakeholders.|
    9.) Mentor and guide team members
    10.) Good Presentation skills
    11.) Strong Team Player